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National Focal Points

Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers

Označením Kosovo nie sú dotknuté pozície k otázke štatútu a označenie je v súlade s rezolúciou BR OSN č. 1244 (1999) a so stanoviskom Medzinárodného súdneho dvora (ICJ) k vyhláseniu nezávislosti Kosova.
Mission Statement
The Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers (MFLT) plays a leading role in occupational health and safety. It is responsible for the development, planning and coordination of the OSH system and OSH policy in Kosovo. It is also responsible for enforcement through the Labour Inspectorate (an independent body under the MFLT), which is the main institution for supervision and control in the field.

The MFLT’s main tasks in the field of OSH are as follows:
- to develop OSH policy and to facilitate its implementation;
- to ensure the elaboration of OSH legislation and its compliance with EU and international law;
- to promote the creation of a safe working environment and to ensure the protection of employees’ rights to OSH;
- to facilitate and promote the development of an OSH administration system;
- to promote and encourage social dialogue between the social partners.
Main contact
Petrit REKA
Petrit [dot] S [dot] Reka [at] rks-gov [dot] net
+355 03820034170