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European Crash Course in Management of Dangerous Substances at the Workplace, Innsbruck, Austria.



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Hands-on quantitative risk assessment, Innsbruck, Austria.


Our first European crash course, part of Cosanta’s activities related to the EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces - Manage Dangerous Substances Campaign 2018-2019, attracted 97 OSH professionals from Austria. The crash course was free of charge and was organised in cooperation with the Austrian General Accident Insurance Board (AUVA). AUVA is a member of the Stoffenmanager® International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). The board is committed to actively supporting Cosanta in its European campaign activities. More courses will be organised in 2018 and 2019.


The two-hour hands-on crash course was part of the 2018 Forum Prävention” and took place on 4 June in Innsbruck, Austria. Participants were introduced to compliance with the EU chemicals legislation related to dangerous substances at the workplace, the basics of risk assessment and the use of quantitative exposure tools. The importance of communicating hazards, risks and control measures was explained. Furthermore, participants had to perform their own quantitative risk assessment for an exposure situation demonstrated at the workshop. They used the Stoffenmanager® risk assessment tool. The risk assessment process was broken down into three steps: (1) create components and products (inventory), (2) perform quantitative risk assessments for the product entered and exposure situation demonstrated and (3) manage and communicate e.g. produce reports, action plans and work instruction cards and revise and update the risk assessment.