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Denmark - Official launching of the online chemical risk assessment tool Stoffenmanager® in Danish language.

The Danish language of the online chemical risk assessment platform Stoffenmanager® was launched on 27 February 2019 during an awareness-raising event in Copenhagen.

Official launching of the chemical risk assessment tool Stoffenmanager® in Danish by Prof. Keld Alstrup Jansen, NFA and Henri Heussen, CTO, Cosanta


The event was organised by the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA), Denmark.  The event started with a warm welcome by Lars Andrup, research director NFA and was followed by a lecture of professor Keld Alstrup Jansen on the ‘Strategy and tools for assessing exposures in the working environment and risk assessment ‘. Further insights on risk assessment models and the historical background of Stoffenmanager® were presented by Henri Heussen the scientific director of Cosanta, the tool owner and developer. After the official launching of Stoffenmanager® in Danish, the participants followed a hands-on crash course on risk assessment.


More than 50 active and engaged participants from the Danish industry, branch organisations, authorities and consultancy attended the event.


Stoffenmanager® was made available in Danish thanks to the NFA who is a member of the Stoffenmanager® independent International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) and translated the tool in Danish in cooperation with Cosanta.


The free crash-course on chemicals risk assessment and management was given by Cosanta who is an official partner of the EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces ‘Manage Dangerous Substances’ campaign 2018-2019.  The participants were introduced to the compliance with the EU chemicals legislation related to dangerous substances at the workplace, the basics of risk assessment and the use of quantitative exposure tools. The importance of communicating hazards, risks and control measures was also discussed. Participants have performed a quantitative risk assessment for an exposure situation which was demonstrated at the workshop. They used the Stoffenmanager® risk assessment tool.