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Poland - Training conference on carcinogenic substances in the workplace


This training conference aims to familiarise delegates with the threat of carcinogenic substances in the workplace. Attendees are taught how to assess risk, report exposure, and how to select sources when searching for more information or training on the topic.

Speakers cover topics including how to assess workers occasional exposure to chemical, carcinogenic or mutagenic substances, as well as changes in the law regarding the threshold limit values (TLVs) for cytostatic agents. They discuss how to measure the exposure of healthcare workers to cytostatic agents and frequently asked questions surrounding the measurement of carcinogens.

Furthermore, the training conference addresses practical information such as how to report employees exposed to carcinogens, and the legal requirements surrounding the substances.

The day concludes with a discussion on the available tools and sources of information relating to dangerous substances.


  • Dr. Małgorzata Pośniak, Head of the Chemical and Biological Hazards Department, CIOP-PIB
  • Katarzyna Kitajewska, Head of the Department of Work Hygiene, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS)
  • Dr. Jolanta Skowron, Secretary of the Interdepartmental Commission for the Highest Permissible Concentrations and Intensity of Factors Harmful to Health in the Work Environment, CIOP-PIB
  • Dr. Sławomir Brzeźnicki, J. Nofera’s Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź,
  • Katarzyna Konieczko, Central Register of Data on Exposure to Chemicals with Carcinogenic or Mutagenic Effects, J. Nofera’s Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź,
  • Dr. Elżbieta Dobrzyńska, Chemical and Biological Hazards Department, CIOP-PIB
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