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Liechtenstein - Safety and health in the hairdressing salon


This event is dedicated to Occupational Safety and Health in the hairdressing sector. Highlighting the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign, it raises awareness of the dangers that can arise through the use of certain products in hair salons. 

Speakers inform participants of the risks posed by dangerous substances in hair salons, as well as solutions to protect hairdressers. They explain that 31% of hairdressers already suffer from skin diseases, and discuss ways to protect skin and ways to heal existing skin diseases.  


  • Robert Hassler, National Focal Point Manager, Amt für Volkwirtschaft
  • Daniel Risch, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs
  • Vittorio Sacchetti, Specialist for Occupational Health and Safety, SUVA
Amt für Volkwirtschaft
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