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Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances Seminar

CWU Offices, 575-577 North Circular RoadDublin 1Ireland

Worker exposure to danger substances is more common than most people realise and, in fact, can occur in almost all workplaces. This presents major safety and health concerns. A dangerous substance is any solid, liquid or gas that has the potential to cause damage to the safety or health of workers. Exposure can occur through inhalation, skin penetration or ingestion. Workplace exposures to dangerous substances are linked to acute and long-term health issues, including:

- Respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma,  rhinitis, asbestosis and silicosis)

- Harm to inner organs,  including the brain and the  nervous system

- Skin irritation and diseases

- Occupational cancers (e.g.  leukaemia, lung cancer,  mesothelioma and cancer of  the nasal cavity).

In addition, the presence of dangerous substances can put workers at risk of fire, explosion, acute poisoning and suffocation.

Attend this FREE information seminar and hear from a range of speakers on how to manage the risks and protect workers.

Advance registration is required. Please phone Anne Fedigan on (01) 8586360 or email to register. 

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