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Europe Region World Physiotherapy

Organisation Type
Specialiști în domeniul SSM
Business sector
Activități în domeniul sănătății umane și asistenței sociale
Mission Statement
Advocate for health policies.
Lead, promote and represent the physiotherapy profession in Europe.

•Is the health profession with expertise in movement and exercise prescription.
•Involves specific interventions to individuals and populations where movement is threatened by illness, ageing, injury, pain, disability, disease, disorder or environmental factors. Such interventions are designed and prescribed to develop, restore and maintain optimal health.
•Is integral to all spheres of health and well-being including its promotion, prevention and rehabilitation and encompasses physical, psychological and social factors.

Europe Region World Physiotherapy unites the physiotherapy profession in education, practice, research, and advocacy.
Our campaign pledge
The European Foundation of the European Region World Physiotherapy pledges to: • Create a European document (similar to that on physical activity) o Summarising MSD and physiotherapy, including the evidence, the role of physiotherapy in MSD workplace prevention and treatment, rehabilitation and return to work, reintegration of workers with chronic MSDs, addressing “teleworking” issues • Collect current good examples of MSD prevention and rehabilitation at national levels and create a shared database of the existing guidelines of our national Member Organisations. • Promote positive advice to employers and workers based on the research evidence in relation to how workers can easily and actively prevent MSD’s in the workplace • Create and disseminate infographics and other materials with o facts and figures on MSDs in Europe to raise awareness; o best practices and tips; and o A special focus will be given to newly emerging areas of MSD through COVID-19. • Engage in relevant policy development at EU and national level regarding the fostering of physical activity to prevent MSDs • Disseminate the campaign within our network throughout Europe • Reserve a slot in future ERWCPT (or/and its MOs) congresses for presentation/ discussion on workplace MSD’s and invite an EU-OSHA representative to speak at the event • Physiotherapists who work in schools and workplaces throughout Europe can highlight the campaign • In several countries our Member Organisations work with the national authority/agency charged with occupational health and safety and in their joint working can take these opportunities to enhance the campaign • Highlight the role of physiotherapists in occupational health who specialise in a ‘whole systems’ approach to workplace MSD’s prevention and treatment through assessment of the individual, the work place and the work systems. This assessment also includes risk assessment. • Bring together the physiotherapists in Europe who specialise in Occupational Health and who are working in workplaces to discuss how individually and collectively they could enhance the campaign. • Physiotherapy has been shown to be clinically and cost effective at keeping people at work or helping workers return quickly after sickness absence. There is strong evidence that early intervention and a facilitated return to work has a positive impact on staff with MSK or mental health issues. This can significantly reduce the likelihood of staff having extended absence or further health issues developing. • During the COVID-19 pandemic, in response to the huge shift to home working, several physiotherapist organisations have adapted their workplace information/fact sheets for people working from home that can be used to support the campaign. • Coming from a Health Promotion approach, physiotherapists work to empower individuals and groups to actively participate in maintaining or improving their health, decreasing the risks associated with unhealthy lifestyles and managing the condition if they have a chronic disease. o In several countries physiotherapists are involved in organising healthy work days, weeks or months. Such events, during this campaign, could concentrate on workplace MSD prevention. These events also have the benefit of targeting the whole workforce in a site and can lead to higher engagement with changing to better/safer work practices, that ultimately can prevent MSDs occurring. • The main elements for the Prevention and Management of MSDs in the workplace are Policy on Prevention and Management of MSDs, Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work Plans (SSWPs), Training, Accident and Near Miss Reporting and Investigation Injury Management (Retention, Rehabilitation and Return to Work) and Internal Auditing. Physiotherapists working in industry are often employed/contracted by firms or occupational safety departments and will highlight the campaign there to reinforce the messages.
General Secretary
The Europe Region World Physiotherapy applauds EU-OSHA’s initiative to highlight and address this major issue. We strongly believe that physiotherapy as the health profession with the expertise in both prevention and treatment of MSD’s in the workplace and in movement and exercise prescription, has much to contribute to this campaign and we are a key partner in achieving EU-OSHA's objectives.
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General Secretary
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