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Slovenia - International conference on ensuring the safety and health of police workers

Brdo Congress CenterKranjSlovenia

This conference discusses police work in Slovenia and other EU countries and raises awareness of the importance of health and safety when police officers are exposed to dangerous substances.

Speakers describe how chemical safety is handled in the Slovenian police force and highlight the need to assess risks related to dangerous substances. They also explain chemical safety in the Belgian Federal Police and discuss legislation, good practices as well as the key issues from the point of view of a police officer.

Speakers give advice on specific situations involving hazardous substances, for example in case of natural disasters, nuclear or radiological emergencies or at crime scenes. They also explain the collaboration between Dutch police officers, firefighters and rescue workers.

Finally, they raise awareness of successful measures taken by the Slovenian Police Union to ensure the health and safety of police officers.


  • Ksenija Klampfer, Minister for work, family, social affairs and equal opportunities
  • Tomaž Pečjak, Deputy Director, General of the Slovenian Police
  • Sebastjan Turk, Ministry of the Interior, Slovenia
  • Leon Vedenik, Criminal inspector specialist
  • Piet Recour, Chief police councillor
  • Metoda Dodič Fikfak, Director
  • Irena Utroša, Head of Security Planning Division
  • Robert Perc, Head of operational-communication center
  • Benjamin Franca, Senior criminal inspector
  • Klemen Pogačar, Police inspector specialist
  • Sebastian Mohorič, Senior independent police inspector
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