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Making use of ergonomics and adapting to new ways of working after the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact both on working life and on the safety and health of workers. Now is the time reflect on the lessons learnt and to adapt to new ways of working in order to support safe and healthy work. 

On 22 September, the Finnish focal point hosts a webinar in the framework of the Healthy Workplaces campaign to explain the importance of ergonomics, how to respond to new work-life challenges and how to ease the transition to new ways of working. Real-life examples are  presented of how Finnish workplaces are promoting well-being at work, making use of ergonomics and combining teleworking and office work (hybrid working). 

Taking place online with around 100 interested stakeholders, the webinar is free to attend and aimed at anyone interested in ergonomic solutions for working life. 


  • Kirsi Ahola, CEO, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health  
  • Anna Kukka, Municipal Group  
  • Heta Laurell,  HR specialist, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland 
  • Jannika Ehrling, Optician, Work Vision Club   
  • Kirsi Luokkala, Specialist, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health  
  • Miira Heiniö, Specialist, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 
  • Mikko Härmä, Research Professor, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health  
  • Sirpa Silventoinen, Department Nurse, Päijät Sote 
  • Tiina Karjalainen, Ergonomic Patient Handling Consultant, HUS  
  • Tuija Laukkarinen, Occupational Physiotherapist Work Vision Club 
  • Ville Leppäniemi, Chief Shop Steward, The City of Järvenpää  
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health / Työterveyslaitos