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Denmark - Seminar on how to prevent work-related skin diseases in Kolding

Arbejdstilsynet Tilsynscenter Syd KoldingKoldingDenmark

This seminar discusses work-related skin diseases in the city of Kolding, as part of a series of awareness-raising events taking place across Denmark. It aims to highlight the importance of skin care and how skin diseases might affect workers’ professional and personal life.

Speakers discuss the dangers related to skin diseases, focusing on professions conducted in wet conditions (e.g. hairdressing, cleaning services, hotel and restaurant services, nursing services, etc.). They present the extent of work-related skin diseases in Denmark and examine ways companies and workers can prevent them. Informative videos and practical exercises to properly apply personal protective measures provide hands-on support to encourage safer and healthier workplaces.

Finally, speakers discuss how to treat work-related skin problems caused by exposures to hazardous substances. They present the latest guidelines and tools to minimise risks and ensure proper skincare in the workplace.

Danish Working Environment Authority
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