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„Together against type 2 diabetes” - the 5th edition of the Medicover Group bicycle rally

from Zakopane and Berlin to GdyniaPoland
10/06/2017 to 17/06/2017

„Together against type 2 diabetes” is the 5th edition of the Medicover Group bicycle rally.
For the first four editions, the route went from the town of Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains in the south of Poland up to Gdynia on the Baltic Sea coast. This year, over 30 cyclists from the Medicover Group have been preparing for months to take this challenge and to show their support for the fight against type 2 diabetes as well as promote a healthy lifestyle. The first group started in Zakopane on 11th of June. The second one will start in Berlin on 13th of June. The German team and Polish teams will join up Poznań (Poland) and continue on together to the finish line in Gdynia.

There will be 7 “Blue Towns” set up in Kraków, Berlin, Wrocław, Zielona Góra, Poznań, Bydgoszcz and Gdynia. This will offer free blood tests for glucose and cholesterol levels, as well as free blood pressure measurements. The blue towns reflect the global symbol of the fight against diabetes - a blue circle.

The goal of the rally is to promote a healthy lifestyle and the “PoZdro!” programme - the Medicover Foundation’s nationwide Polish diabetes prevention programme. In all, 30 cyclists from the Medicover Group will cover over 100 km each day on average and over 1000 km in total.

The Grand Finale, offering free check-ups and culinary workshops, will be held on 18th June in Gdynia.

The Medicover Foundation