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Poland – Healthy Workplaces Campaign for all Medicover employees

Warsaw and other Medicover citiesPoland
03/10/2017 to 30/11/2017

The Medicover Wellbeing Team decided to organise a special Campaign, addressed to all Medicover employees in Poland, under the umbrella of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign. The campaign will start on 3.10 and last until 30.11.2017. The Wellbeing Team affiliates the Medicover employees from the following departments: Human Resources, Health and Safety, Health Prevention, Medicover GO and Communication.

Małgorzata Kiljańska - Medicover Operations Development Director has been chosen for the ambassador of the campaign. In her role she will be promoting preventive activities, encouraging employees to participate in campaign activities and make change in the company.

The following activities are planned during the Healthy Workplaces Campaign in Medicover:
• online survey titled "Inspect Your Workplace" – to diagnose possible ergonomic abnormalities
• "Ergonomic Workplace Instructing" – presentation for all employees
• “Healthy Office” – seminar for managers
• “Predict - React – Avoid” - Health and Safety competition for employees
• “Back pain”, “Ergonomics in the workplace”, “Exercises recommended for the employees” – health guides created for the campaign and distributed to all employees
• staircase markings in the office - sign "Stick to the handrail"
• “How to extinguish a fire" – workshop with a fireman
• First Aid training for employees
• “Healthy back” – seminar for employees

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness, provide knowledge and promote preventive actions among Medicover employees.

Medicover Wellbeing Team
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