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Luxembourg - Journalists visit Banque de Luxembourg to present health and well-being actions implemented for workers of all ages

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This journalists’ visit to Banque de Luxembourg, one of the most important private banks in the country, aims to present programmes and actions the bank has been implementing for several years along with new projects in the field of health and well-being at work.

Banque de Luxembourg developed its actions for well-being at work for all ages in different areas. They offer personal guidance, coaching measures and have put in place “Sophia” - a retirement preparation programme. The programme prepares employees for a smooth transition into retirement by taking into account the emotional dimension of the transition.

Banque de Luxembourg prefers to use the term 'human management of resources' instead of 'human resources management'. Kindness is also an important cornerstone of their corporate culture. Beyond the legal obligations, health is fairly central to the employees’ well-being considerations. Health conditions include preventive actions, health checks, vaccinations, ergonomics and social hygiene.

This visit highlights the benefits of the different programmes and actions and offers a concrete case study at Banque de Luxembourg.


  • Nicole Dochen, Human Resources Director, Banque de Luxembourg
  • Anne Reuter, Recruitment and Personal Development Officer, Banque de Luxembourg
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