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Germany - Life & Work 4.0.

ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL CityBremerhavenGermany
09/11/2016 to 10/11/2016

Living and working in a digital society.

The digitization already permeates our daily lives in almost all areas, whether in communication, education, mobility, industry, workplace, leisure or health.
Although this progress offers solutions to current problems and opens many new possibilities, it also raises many uncertainties. The job market is facing major challenges when it comes to new ways of work, work processes, management structures and corporate cultures. These include issues of ergonomics and occupational safety and health, as well as the dissolution of boundaries, autonomy or control, trust and self-organisation.

We want to discuss the relevant issues collectively and illuminate the subject from different perspectives so you are prepared for the future.

BAD Gesundheitsvorsorge & Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
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