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Latvia - Healthy and safe workers of all ages in the transport sector

Road Carriers Association “Latvijas Auto”RigaLatvia

This seminar is dedicated to health and safety in the transport sector, one of the leading sectors in terms of number of deaths at work. Speakers explain the current Latvian OSH situation in this sector, highlighting the challenges and good practices identified when dealing with an ageing workforce.

Speakers discuss data that details the high number of severe accidents, fatalities, and so-called ‘sudden deaths’ due to cardiovascular problems that occur in the transport sector. They refer to an inspection campaign analysing the implementation of regulatory and legal requirements for occupational health and safety set up in Latvia, underlining that its aim was to inform employers rather than to control and punish.

Speakers also give an overview of the characteristics of ageing, such as typical health problems faced by workers. Finally, they present good practice examples of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign. Latvian companies active in the transport sector share their experiences with the financial aspects of OSH and showcase their health promotion actions, for example, encouraging safe driving principles.


  • Linda Matisāne, National Focal Point Manager, State Labour Inspectorate of Republic of Latvia
  • Sandra Zariņa, State Labour Inspectorate of Republic of Latvia
  • Valdis Trēziņš, President, Road Carriers Association “Latvijas Auto”
  • Kristaps Liecinieks, Insurance company “Balta”
  • Igors Dviņins, Cemex Ltd.
  • Ginta Rassa, Ventspils reiss Ltd.
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