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Germany - Demographic Congress 2016

The Schlosshotel MonreposLudwigsburgGermany

The topic of this congress is how to deal successfully with demographic change.

Due to demographic change it will be essential to keep people longer in employment. Their good physical and mental health will be the primary condition for their performance at an advanced age. The Demographic Congress is showing with the help of different presentations and various interactive services how you can professionally address this challenge and benefit from the early implementation of the corporate health management and risk assessment of mental workload in your organization.

You will be able to take the opportunity and make the corporate health management check for your business. With the new age simulation suit "GERT" you may experience, what limitations you can expect at the advanced age in order to sharpen your perspective on the needs of your older employees.
In the workshops and individual consultations you will have the opportunity to discuss together with our experts case studies and develop first practical solutions for your business.

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