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Member of the Management Board
I feel strongly that the safety of our workforce is a precondition of success for our business. This is true since we cannot achieve our strategic priorities unless our employees trust their management team.
Our leaders need to lead safety. They need to take responsibility for the safety of their workforce and ensure that employees can come to work without facing injuries.
EHS efforts are an integral part of ZF financial success and the growth of the company. Environmental, Health and Safety leadership may come from management, but it is the employees manufacturing the products who use the EHS practices every day. As a company that protect occupants and road users we have a “Vision Zero Accident Goal”. It starts with Safety – in product design and for our employees.
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Post the campaign and partnership logo on our internet home page and provide a link to the campaign website.
Post the campaign and partnership logo on our HS&E intranet home page and provide a link to the campaign website.
Promote the campaign at our national HS&E workshops that are held in each country twice a year.
Several sites in numerous countries include campaign related activities in their health and safety days.
Site activities related to the campaign during the European Health and Safety Week 2016.
Communicate and promote campaign activities on our website, company and site newspapers.
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