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ViveLab Ergo Ltd.

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We are the leading service provider in production ergonomics in Hungary.
ViveLab Ergo is a high-performance cloud computing innovative simulation system that is perfectly capable of modeling machines, robots and people moving in a given physical environment. Using an anthropometric database containing millions of samples, it precisely models ninety-nine percent of human population's anatomical characteristics and we can facilitate recruitment involving more age groups, women and disabled people.

The user friendly interface has been designed considering the most modern ergonomic viewpoints, which ensures that design engineers, work safety managers, HR specialists, or even designers can independently run or collaborate on a team to run and evaluate simulations logging in from anywhere in the world. The advanced collaborative functions enable that upon request ViveLab Ergo ergonomics expert team can join in the joint work to propose specific technical, organizational or individual measures besides determining the deflection points.

Our mission is to provide fast and accurate three-dimensional virtual ergonomic tests, analysis and planning for wide range of companies to create optimal working environments and workflows for health, efficiency and competitiveness.
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Realising a problem about a workplace is the first step making Healthy Workplaces for All Ages. We are a solution provider to help companies finding the problems and more important to find solution for it.
ViveLab Ergo Ltd.
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