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TELT sas - Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin

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The Lyon-Turin tunnel across the Alps is the key point of the Mediterranean Corridor, which connects the 18% of the European population and the 17% of the GDP, with 3 thousands kms of railway, to enhance the transport of passengers and commodities. The project represents one of the most important works for the European economic development. At the same time, it will contribute to the preservation of environment in the Alps, implementing an ambitious modal report policy linked to the committments of the Alpine Convention.
TELT SAS was established on 23 February 2015 under the intergovernmental agreement, between Italian and French Governments, for the construction of the cross-border section of the new HS/HC railway line between Lyon and Turin (wich includes the Mont-Cenis Base Tunnel). TELT SAS is the public promoter responsible for construction works and future infrastructure management. The cross-border section is founded by CEF for the 40%.
- The MC Base Tunnel, of 57 km, between Saint Jean de Maurienne in France and Susa in Italy, is a pioneering work of engineering.
- According to European Planning, in 2017 TELT will start the preliminary work and in 2018 the tunnel construction will begin.
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TELT has charged in its own organization, inside the safety and environment direction , the safety office as unique reference of the initiative. This office is already active working with European and international organizations about OHS topics about underground safety construction worksites; besides this, the office is charged to keep relationships with the Intergovernmental France - Italy Conference, and italian and french OHS administrations. Always on these themes, the office manages the relationships with universities and collaborates in technical and scientific articles. It attends at international conferences, bringing its experience.
For these reasons, we believe that the realization of a net of connections with whom wants to share these experiences, particularly those correlated with the EUOHSA campaign, can be managed by the means of newsletter, communications, meetings, conferences, formation and, if it will be the case, with specialized publications.
TELT sas - Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin
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