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ISHCCO - International Safety & Health

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This campaign is for everyone and brings together not only lessons learnt from all previous campaigns such as managing risk and managing stress, but also new information to promote good practices and an active and healthy lifestyle to benefit workers of all ages.
Employers will benefit too with less down time (short and long term absences) and reduced recruitment and new worker training costs to name just two.
In addition to workers and their employers, workers families, their friends their neighbours and their local communities will also benefit from this campaign that seeks to promote a prolonged and active working life for all, and one that is not cut short by poor decision making or incident.
To promote excellence in the education, training, and professional development of those engaged in construction safety and health risk management and/or the co-ordination of safety and health in construction within the member states of the EU.
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ISHCCO is proud to be a member of the healthy workplace campaign partner steering group, and a supporter of the campaign's objectives. Within the construction industry, if we can influence the mind set of workers, their supervisors and managers to change their basic instinct to ignore the general principles of prevention then we will all feel the benefit of incident reduction, reduced stress, reduced social costs, and worker misery that affects worker's families, their friends and local communities.
When we achieve this it will be a joint success.
ISHCCO - International Safety & Health
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