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European Federation for Company Sport

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EFCS and company sport's purpose and activities are today clearly related to a need expressed as well by employees and employers. Whether it is for social issues, management, corporate culture, networking, productivity or health, the positive impact of physical activity within the workplace is now recognized. Employees’ well-being and performance: two arguments that resonate with employees and key decision makers. Company sport is much more than sport!
Company Sport aims to reap the full benefits of a regular sport activity within or around the workplace as a health enhancer, a management tool and a vector for social integration. The European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS) is a voluntary non-profit organisation gathering national company sport federations from 39 different countries including 21 EU Member States. These national federations are referent associations in their own countries to organise activities related to company sport that covers all types of sport and physical activities that can be organised by and within the company. Activities of the federation are geared towards organisation of sport events (e.g European Games, labelled sport events…), conferences and workshops (health and sport for example), exchange of information, representation of company sport at EU level.
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Involving our national members and network of key decisions makers in the field of health, company and sport
Disseminating the message of the importance of ''Healthy Workplace''
Contributing with new ideas and goods practices to improve our daily worklife.
European Federation for Company Sport
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