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Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)

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Executive Director
I am delighted that CER is joining the EU-OSHA campaign on Healthy Workplaces for All Ages.

CER members are aware of the importance of creating a sound working environment for their employees that take into account the different needs arising during their career.
Psycho-social risks at work, inclusion of women, the challenges linked to an ageing workforce and retention strategies are among the topics that CER and its members have been dealing with in the context of the Sectoral Social Dialogue activities, together with our partner ETF.

I am confident that the EU-OSHA campaign will create further awareness and momentum around the contribution of health and safety policies to the quality and efficiency of our members' activities.
CER’s role is to represent the interests of its members on the EU policy-making scene, in particular to support an improved business and regulatory environment for European railway operators and railway infrastructure companies.
As a recognised European social partner, CER takes part in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Railways.
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CER will spread information about the campaign messages and activities among its membership, targeting in particular the companies' Human Resources Directors and HR experts. \\nWe will invite EU-OSHA representatives to our relevant internal meetings in order to present the campaign objectives and encourage an exchange of views among our members. Moreover, we will make our members aware of the opportunity to follow and adhere to campaign initiatives organised at the national level. \\nCER will also make its participation in the campaign visible to the larger public via its website and Twitter account.
Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)
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