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Comité Syndical Européen de l’éducation

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Martin RØMER
European Director
Recruitment and retention is one of ETUCE's and its member organisations priorities; With a view to ensure quality education, ETUCE together with the employers in education, EFEE, has elaborated joint recommendations on the recruitment and retention of education staff, identifying the working conditions necessary to raise the attractiveness of the teaching profession for teachers new to the profession and to retain education staff in the profesion. We continue our work on this important issue.
The safety and health of teachers is a priority of ETUCE.
ETUCE believes a school should be a safe, healthy and propitious place for teaching and learning. Schools are the workplace of teachers, but first and foremost they are educational institutions for young students. Occupational health and safety problems can thus be harmful not only for the workforce (teachers and other staff in education), but can indirectly harm the pupils and put at risk the quality and efficiency of the education provided.
In its work, ETUCE seeks to raise awareness, increase knowledge and facilitate exchange of experience and good practices on teachers' safety and health issues among its member organisations.
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The work that ETUCE is carrying out at present in the field of Health and Safety (promoting decent workplaces in education for a healthy working life) is directly linked to the Campaign. The campaign has been present and will continue to be present in the activities carried out in particular in 2016. We would be happy to provide EU-OSHA with the good practices collected in the course of the joint social partner project on the promotion of decent workplaces in education (to be finalised and adopeted by the end of 2016) and of our previous joint project on the reruitment and retention of education staff (2011/12).
Comité Syndical Européen de l’éducation
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