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B·A·D Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

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Chairman of the board B.A.D GmbH
The demographic development is the most important challenge in front of our society and the economy of our countries. It is our duty to develop strategies to handle this challenge. The BAD GmbH as the largest supplier of occupational health and safety services in Germany is conscious of the responsibility which we have in this area and is determinate and ready to support all activities promoting sustainable working life.
We are the first provider of occupational health and safety services that is able to put together service packages in a number of countries.

Our market presence is expanding to grow with our clients. This helps them to save resources and meet their business objectives.
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As we are the leader in Europe in the topics of Health and Safety, we support more than 200.000 companies with more than 4 Mio workers. We will use our contacts to them and try to cooperate regarding these topics with as many entrepreneurs as possible and to raise the awareness about the healthy workplaces for all ages
B·A·D Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
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