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Frédéric AGENET
Airbus Group Head of Social Policy and Industrial Relations
Despite the high number of hirings in the recent years, Airbus Group is facing however the context of an ageing workforce; Airbus Group is convinced of the importance of risk prevention throughout working life and wants to promote sustainable work and healthy ageing in the company. Airbus Group would like to facilitate information and good practice exchange throughout the group on this subject thanks to this campaign. Airbus Group expects some benefit on improved productivity and lower rates of absenteeism through better health and well-being at work and organisations
Airbus Group is a global pioneer in aeronautics and space. Combining European heritage with global outreach, we bring together talent and technology to drive innovation, integration and internationalisation. We create cutting edge technology to help our customers connect and protect lives. \\\\nOur people have the competence, character and courage to take this industry to the next dimension. We dare to challenge the status quo and push boundaries, strive to stay agile, take risks to innovate, and manage these risks with responsibility. Our passion for this industry compels us to stand up for what we do and we do what we believe to be right. We take responsibility for our behaviour and the quality and safety of our products. We value the trust that our colleagues, customers, communities and shareholders place in us. By collaborating with integrity and respect, we craft competitive products, solutions and services. On behalf of the people we work with and for, Airbus Group creates added value and secures future growth, thereby delivering the profitability that provides the basis for innovation.\\\\nWe never forget that how we deliver is just as important as what we deliver. Learning from experience is just as important as learning from science, and the support of our customers, suppliers and communities is just as important to our success as it is our own work.
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The campaign is put on the agenda of our Health and wellbeing expert transversal group managing the main subjects concerning Health and wellbeing at work
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