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European Federation of National Maintenance Societies

Atividades de consultoria, científicas, técnicas e similares
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As we age, our acquired wisdom compensates for our cumulative physical weakness and certainly our collective wisdom is stronger that our individual one; let us all try to strengthen our collective wisdom by participating and supporting the ''Healthy Workplaces for All Ages'' Campaign.
Mandato da Missão: 
Develop the Maintenance profession, enhance innovation in maintenance, and increase awareness of the importance and the significance of Maintenance and Asset Management.
O nosso compromisso de campanha: 
EFNMS plans to involve its members, involve its members to EU-OSHA's activities and promote several issues among its hundreds of members in the member countries. The compilation of good practices as well as research could be shared with EU-OSHA to achieve a stronger perception of the workforce issues related to the campaign; EFNMS could be an excellent resource of data as well as quick fix solutions that can be shared with EU-OSHA and vice versa.
European Federation of National Maintenance Societies
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