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European Solvents Industry Group

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Cornelia TIETZ
ESIG Director General
ESIG supports this campaign and joins forces with EU-OSHA in order to make Europe a safer, healthier place to work.
Deklaracja misji: 
Our mission is to support the sustainable and responsible use of oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents through dialogue, information sharing and solutions that address health, safety and environmental aspects.
Promote implementation of Responsible Care through the supply chain.
Promote safety in the workplace and best practice in the use of solvents.
Nasza obietnica w ramach kampanii: 
ESIG aims at informing, promoting and raising awareness among its members and downstream users (30 company members and 30 downstream users associations) about the 2016-2017 OSHA Campaign on Healthy Workplaces for All Ages and collect specific information and best practice in its sector, complementing in such way, activities already carried out under ESIG Product Stewardship.
European Solvents Industry Group
Avenue E.Van Nieuwenhuyse 4
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32 2 676 72 69
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Véronique SCHOUNE
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Cornelia TIETZ