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Association of European Public Postal Operators AISBL

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PostEurop brings added-value to its Members by functioning as an exchange for co-operation, communication, and innovation, and by providing solutions to common challenges facing the postal industry.
PostEurop provides Members with interconnectivity, common development initiatives, and the opportunity to share best practices; we also help facilitate dialogue within the industry and provide customised support for members as needed, taking into account the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, and the multiple aspects of sustainable development. PostEurop aims to be an influential player on the industry's behalf within the postal regulatory environment.
PostEurop is a Restricted Union of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and aims to influence dialogue related to UPU matters.
PostEurop represents and supports its members’ relationships with external stakeholders where relevant and appropriate
Association of European Public Postal Operators AISBL
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PostEurop Kick-Off Meeting - ‘INNOV’AGE in the Postal Sector' Project