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Stefan CRETS
Executive Director
The success of sustainable companies is dependent on productive, motivated and healthy employees. With new ways of working come new challenges. More than ever, workplaces have a high stake in supporting their employees to lead healthy lifestyles. Stakeholders like CSR Europe and initiatives like the Healthy Workplaces Campaign have the potential to create the momentum and spread the knowledge necessary for equipping companies to tackle these issues successfully.
CSR Europe is the leading European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility. Through its network of around 50 corporate members and 45 National CSR organisations, it gathers over 10,000 companies, and acts as a platform for those businesses looking to enhance sustainable growth and positively contribute to society. In its mission to bring the CSR agenda forward, CSR Europe goes beyond European borders and cooperates with CSR organisations in other regions across the world.
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CSR Europe plans on making this campaign a success by contributing towards the dissemination of the goals of the campaign.
CSR Europe
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