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Special focus on Wellness at Work

We are pleased to share our new publication dedicated to wellness at work, where we will discuss emerging trends, new research and solutions available to support employers in promoting wellbeing at the workplace.

Among the topics:
- Standing desks and other ways how to help your employees survive the chair
- Bringing mindfulness into daily work to increase focus and success

Let's bring wellness at work

Our new Wellness Special is out and is entirely dedicated to information and resources for employers and employees to plan a healthy working life ahead.
Either we are coping with holidays ahead or just getting ready to the changing season, we can use our time at work as an opportunity rather than a barrier to enhance our wellbeing.
From corporate mindfulness to standing desks, there is an increasing effort from researchers, employers and institutions to update our understanding of risks and improve the quality of working conditions.
This has an impact on the bottom line, in terms of reducing costs due to absenteeism/ pre-senteism and in terms of sharpening our performance, as highlighted by body performance guru Dr. Starrett later in this issue.
In an exclusive extract from the GEB Forum, Rasmus Hougaard, Director of The Potential Project and one of the keynote speaker at our event, will share his expertise on how to bring mindfulness at work and what are the proven benefits.
Find the entire publication at this link:

We are particularly pleased to launch this publication in conjunction with the European Campaign on Healthy Workplaces for all Ages, organised by the European Commission Executive Agency on Health and Safety at Work (EU-OSHA).
GEB is this year official partner of the campaign and proud to join efforts with its team and network of partners to share insight and promote opportunities for employers to foster the wellbeing of their communities.
Wellbeing is a lifelong process and a path we pursue together with our clients and partners. We look forward to continuing the health & wellness conversation with you.