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Healthy and safe workplaces for all ages: research evidence and organizational interventions

This event will be the occasion for reflections and dialogue between institutions, social partners and all stakeholders involved in the challenge of ensuring wellbeing as well as healthy and safe workplace to older workers, whose skills and competences should always be duly recognized.

Organizer: Consiglio Nazionale dell’Ordine degli Psicologi -CNOP (National Council of the Order of Psychologists of Italy)


Following a review of key points from psychology research, the event will present a series of recent interventions in workplaces, implemented thanks to a fruitful cooperation among psychologists and other professional figures, such as HR managers, occupational doctors, health and safety managers, and other operators.

Davide Farone, Italian MP, Undersecretary for Ministry of Health
Fulvio Giardina, President of the Consiglio Nazionale dell’Ordine degli Psicologi (National Council of the Order of Psychologists of Italy)
Ester Rotoli, Manager of EU-OSHA Focal Point Italy, Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL)
Nicola Alberto De Carlo, Padua University
Guido Sarchielli, Bologna University
Daniela Converso, Turin University
Lisa Cacia, President of the Liguria Order of Psychologists
Eleonora Dusi, Coordinator of Workgroup on Organizational Psychology at Liguria Order of Psychologists
Chiara Cifoni, Head of Protective and Prevention Service at MPS Group
Bianca Mottura, Health Care Unit ASL Cuneo1
Maddalena Elisa Operti, Health Care Unit ASL Cuneo1
Maurizio Di Giorgio, Latium Region; Representative of the Inter-regional Technical Group for Health and Safety in the Workplace
Angelo Giuliani, ABI Italian Banking Association
Sebastiano Calleri, GCIL Trade Union, representative of CGIL/CISL/UIL trade Unions

Venue: Senato della Repubblica, Palazzo della Minerva, Piazza della Minerva, no. 38, Rome