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Organizzazione di datori di lavoro
Véronique WILLEMS
UEAPME Secretary General
“As the voice of crafts and SMEs employers, we are very committed to promoting safe and healthy workplaces for all ages. Today’s demographic developments remind us that we need to ensure a healthy workforce enabling people to work longer. We need healthy young people for innovation in production and for the future, and we need older workers for their valuable contribution notably in terms of experience and knowledge. SMEs, especially micro-companies, often need support and advice in the case they need to adapt their workplaces to facilitate longer working lives. It is important to come to workable solutions at company level, in which different generations are able to work together without stereotypes and with the tools that are needed. Healthy workplaces are a win-win for employers and employees of all ages, and as UEAPME we are happy to join this campaign.”
Definizione del mandato: 
UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) is the employers' organisation representing the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs at EU level. UEAPME is a recognised European Social Partner and acts on behalf of crafts and SMEs in the European Social Dialogue and in discussions with the EU institutions. Among its objectives, UEAPME strives to keep its members informed on all matters of European Union policy and support them academically, technically and legally on all areas of EU policy including Occupational Safety and Health. UEAPME endeavours to ensure that the interests of crafts and SMEs are taken into account in all legislation that has an impact on them.
Il nostro impegno per la campagna: 
UEAPME will actively promote the OSHA campaign by informing its member organisations through available channels. We will reach out to our member organisations by raising awareness of the need for active ageing and age-friendly workplaces, and of the advantages of age management policies in SMEs. We will do so by sharing tools and practices, by raising attention to the campaign on our website, and by inviting OSHA representatives to our social affairs committee meetings. At EU-level we will call for exchange of practices and more awareness of concrete solutions that can help SMEs, notably micro-companies, to effectively contribute to active ageing.
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0032 2230 7599
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Arnold DE BOER
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Arnold DE BOER

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