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Mental Health Europe

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Sanità e assistenza sociale
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Nigel Henderson, President, Mental Health Europe NIGEL
Chief Executive, Penumbra UK
There can be no health without mental health. Let's join forces and work all together for healthy workplaces across Europe!
Definizione del mandato: 
Mental Health Europe (MHE) is a European non-governmental network organisation committed to the promotion of positive mental health, the
prevention of mental distress, the improvement of care, advocacy for social inclusion and the protection of human rights for (ex)users of mental
health services, their families and carers. MHE is committed to end mental health stigma and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Mental Health Europe envisions a Europe where people with mental health problems live as full citizens with access to appropriate services and support, where positive mental health and well- being are given high priority on the European health and social agenda.
Il nostro impegno per la campagna: 
MHE is willing to work closely with EU-OSHA and its national member organisations to make this campaign a success and to ensure the promotion of positive mental health at work across Europe for employees at all levels and at all ages.
Mental Health Europe
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+ 32 2 8930881
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Ophelie MARTIN

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