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Azienda privata
Fornitura di energia elettrica, gas, vapore e aria condizionata
Ignacio GALÁN
Chairman and CEO
At Iberdrola, we carry out our activities within a safe and reliable environment in every country. People’s safety at the Group’s facilities, in surrounding areas and among contractors and customers, as well as the development and dissemination across the entire Group of the best practices in the area of safety and prevention, are essential components of our processes.
Definizione del mandato: 
The Iberdrola group's mission is focused on providing a quality service with clean energy sources, spearheading the digital transformation process, combating climate change and generating social dividend.
“Our mission is to create value sustainably in carrying out our activities for society, citizens, customers, employees, shareholders, and other Stakeholders, as the leading multinational group in the energy sector providing a quality service through the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources, which engages in innovation, leads the process of digital transformation in its area of activity, and is committed to the fight against climate change through all of its business activities, with a social dividend and the generation of employment and wealth, considering its employees to be a strategic asset. Along these lines, we foster their development, training, and measures of reconciliation, favouring a good working environment and equal opportunity. All of the foregoing is within the framework of our strategy of social responsibility and compliance with tax rules.”
Il nostro impegno per la campagna: 
We will ensure that the Iberdrola/EU-OSHA partnership is included in the agenda of most relevant conferences, seminars or major H&S events that we celebrate with employees, unions, public authorities, partners and main stakeholders companies. EU-OSHA's mission, vision and the campaign goals will be spread to our key stakeholders for them to understand our commitment to the goal of achieving the healthiest workplaces possible for all ages.
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+34 915 776 500
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