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Gas Natural Fenosa

Azienda privata
Fornitura di energia elettrica, gas, vapore e aria condizionata
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''Our commitment towards risks in the work place can be summed up as follows, ‘nothing is more important than safety and health.’ This commitment includes ensuring the well being of our company’s employees, who we consider to be our principle asset. We therefore believe in efficiently creating healthy working environments.''
Definizione del mandato: 
Gas Natural Fenosa’s objective is to provide society with energy, environmentally friendly products, and high quality services. We also strive to provide our shareholders with competitive benefits and our employees with the opportunity to develop professional careers.
Il nostro impegno per la campagna: 
Our company propose to perform the campaign focused on active aging both physical, mental and social health. This campaign schematically has three sections:
Physical Health: in collaboration with the sports club of the company, promote physical activities especially for people who don´ t do exercise regularly and through specific training courses. Workshops focused in Healthy diet -oriented to shopping and cooking healthy food through, whose final result could be reflected in a competition of healthy recipes and conscious nutrition. The third component of this phase corresponds to the workshops to educate good sleep habits.
Mental health: working mental exercise through specific programs and workshops to enhance active mind (Braintraining) as well as emotions with Mindfulness sessions.
Social health of the individual in the environment: through forums to promote interaction between the individual and his social environment, working the family dimension considering the importance of communication, relationships and legal issues through conferences (retirement pensions …etc).
Finally, working on participation in the workplace through the following programs: ''Protecting experience'' “Positive thinking”, and other aspects in health recommendations (workshops referred to back school and active pause reminder during work, as well as others focused on promoting resilience in the workplace).
Gas Natural Fenosa
Avenida de San Luis, 77
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+34 915676000
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