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CEOC International

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General Secretary
“In order to ensure the continuing development of the European economy it is essential to recognize the importance of occupational health and safety. CEOC International has a Technical Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (TC COH) where we provide the ideal platform, both for our members, as well as for successful businesses, to implement good health and safety practices, so as to ensure that they stand out from their competitors.”
Definizione del mandato: 
The mission of CEOC International is to promote safety, quality and the environment through independent inspection, testing and certification.

CEOC International is the European trade association which represents the independent inspection and certification organisations, whose members are acknowledged by the national authorities as fulfilling the competency standards of statutory and no statutory safety inspection and certification. Through their work CEOC International members ensure the safety of equipment, reduce the risk of accidents, protect the environment and set and influence high standards throughout the world.
Il nostro impegno per la campagna: 
CEOC International will initiate the communication with other stakeholders and further develop the dialogue between its members on EU-OSHA related issues. Thus, CEOC International will highly contribute to a sustainable workplace for all ages and will promote the importance of protecting workers from safety and health risks.
CEOC International
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