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TOURISM for the development of MADONIE ‘s Territory

The Assembly room "Leonardo Sciascia "- Town Hall Square no. 1BLUFIItaly

On Sunday, October 16, the Mayor of the town of Blufi Dott.Calogero Brucato organized the Workshop "TOURISM for the development of MADONIE ‘s Territory " that took place at 16.00 in the Assembly Room "Leonardo Sciascia - Town Hall Square no. 1. The conference is part of the project "Service Centre District Tourist", financed by the OP 2007/2013 ERDF resources - 3.3.3.AC Action and the European Union to establish a tourism information desk called " Tourist Information point" in the Municipality of Blufi. The service covers the following areas of interest: Social Policy, Sports, Culture and Tourism. The objective is to provide tourists, citizens and anyone interested a range of complementary and innovative services for the enhancement, promotion and development of resources and the economies of the participating municipalities at the Tourist District "Cefalu and Madonie parks and Himera". The manager of the tourism information desk at the Municipality of The Bluff is Dott. ssa Anna Maria Ferrara.
During the workshop Dott.ssa Maria Concetta Cefalu, campaign media partner of EU-OSHA and expert on international and European law, talked about the new tourism governance by improving macro economic of the country, and presented the European campaign 2016-17 Healthy Workplaces for All Ages. She spoke about the work of EU-OSHA to make European workplaces safer, healthier and more productive — for the benefit of businesses, employees and governments. She presented Napo to promote a culture of risk prevention to improve working conditions in Europe. During the workshop the campain guide, folder, leaflet, poster, pens and Napo DVD were distributed. She spoke about the importance of this campaign, because the European workforce is ageing, and how the retirement age is increasing and working lives are likely to become longer. Work is good for physical and mental health and good management of occupational safety and health increases productivity and efficiency. Demographic change may cause challenges, but ensuring a sustainable working life helps to meet those challenges.

The Mayor of the town of Blufi Dott. Calogero Brucato
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