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Age and healthy work will be the theme of the 4th Forum of Healthy Organizations.

The Forum, now in its fourth edition, will focus on how to deal with the generational change and achieve healthy workplaces for all ages.

The event is held within the activities of the European campaign for 2016-2017: "Healthy Workplaces for all ages" of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.


The labour market is changing and good management of safety and health at work increases productivity and efficiency. Demographic change can create problems, but ensure sustainable working life helps cope with these challenges. The retirement age is increasing and working life tends to be prolonged. In this 4th Forum of Healthy Organizations we will give you the keys to deal with the generational change and ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

The “Capitol Empresa” Center of Valencia will host on the 7th June professionals from around the world of Health, Labour Risk Prevention and Human Resources that will share with all the attendees the latest advances in research and professional experiences.

The Forum, organized within the events of the European campaign for 2016-2017: "Healthy Workplaces for all ages", will be attended by Marisa Salanova who will talk about the Hero Project - Ageing and aims of the study. Laura Rosillo will talk about the Golden Workers, the new majority and how to manage the problems they face. The last lecture will be given by Eva Collado who will talk about the issue of managing generational diversity.

This edition will also feature the contribution of several companies providing their experiences in managing generational diversity and the implementation of healthy work environments that ensure proper working conditions.

In this 4th Forum, OTP Group Foundation wants to accompany you on the road to promote sustainable work and healthy ageing from the beginning of working life. To this end, we will discuss the latest advances in research on this matter, we will share real cases of Organizations that are currently getting good results and we will help you generate many different ideas so you can begin to apply them to your organization from the following day.

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