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UK - Ageing Population and Sustainable Working Lives

Hamish Wood Building, Glasgow Caledonian UniversityGlasgowUnited Kingdom

This event provides an opportunity to gain insights into the current and future health and safety issues connected to an ageing population. It highlights pan-European best practices to promote sustainable working lives for all ages.

Speakers share their experiences and discuss what organisations across Europe are doing to meet the challenges posed by the ageing population, and how they are communicating the importance of age management policies and disability prevention.

Finally, the event aims to allow key decision makers to influence the future direction and encourage the development of tools to support positive work in this area. It also includes an intervention case study from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and looks at what the future holds within the Scottish context.


  • Robert Atkinson, Organisational Lead (Occupational Health & Safety), NHS Scotland
  • Valerie Egdell, Senior Research Fellow, Employment Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Karen McDonnell, OHS Policy Advisor, RoSPA
  • Ann Murray, Programme Manager, Active and Independent Living Programme (AILIP)
  • Carlene McEvoy, Community Safety Development Officer, RoSPA
Health and Safety Executive
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