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Slovakia - Review and outlook on the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign

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This seminar raises awareness of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign messages and discusses past and future actions.

Speakers inform about the results achieved throughout the campaign and the activities undertaken at the national level. They also look at the main upcoming activities planned by the National Labour Inspectorate and discuss ways for more companies to become actively involved. Measures implemented at Duslo, a chemical company, and at the Slovak Association for OSH and Fire Protection provide examples of good practice.

Speakers also explain how working conditions can cause occupational diseases and highlight the changes in OSH legislation in the field of transport, and for chemicals used in the workplace.

Another topic of discussion is the role of social partners in the field of health and safety and how they can improve the conditions of employees.


  • Karol Habina, General Director, National Labour Inspectorate
  • Laurencia Jancurova, National Focal Point Manager, National Labour Inspectorate
  • Jan Trcka, State Advisor, National Labour Inspectorate
  • Juraj Uherek, Chairman, Slovak Association for OSH and Fire Protection
  • Silvia Surova, Genaral Secretary, Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Bohuslav Bendik, Trade Union Confederation
National Labour Inspectorate / Národný inšpektorát práce
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