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Slovakia - Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Workshop

Hotel AvanceBratislavaSlovakia

This workshop supports the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign and its efforts to ensure safe and healthy conditions throughout working life. Speakers give an update on the results reached in the first year of the campaign and the activities planned for this year.

Representatives of companies, such as from Duslo Sala, active in the chemical sector and one of the national winners of the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards, share their best practices and demonstrate the benefits of adopting occupational safety and health (OSH) measures.

Discussion at the event also highlights the importance of labour inspection and health authority inspections to improve health and safety at work.


  • Mr Zerjava, Director, Labour Inspectorate Bratislava
  • Ms Jancurova, National Focal Point Manger, state advisor of the National Labour Inspectorate
  • Ms Ondrejkova, expert, Public Health Authority
  • Ms Kordosova, researcher in the field of healty and safety at work, Institute for Work and Family Research
  • Ms Michnicova, measuring of load of stress burden at the workplaces, TIMAN s.r.o.
  • Ms Karasikova, Human Ressources Director, Duslo Sala  
  • Mr Bendik, OSH expert, Trade Union Confederation  
National Labour Inspectorate
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