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Malta - Fostering Healthy Workplaces for all Ages

Radisson Golden SandsMellieħaMalta

This seminar aims to promote healthy workplaces for workers of any age by highlighting the contribution younger employees bring to their workplace through their drive and dynamism and the input older employees bring through their experience and expertise.


The event looks at the current situation in Malta and underlines the importance of lifelong learning. Aside from leading to the acquisition and improvement of transversal skills, knowledge, competences, and qualifications, learning activities undertaken throughout working life foster occupational health and safety, thus helping prevent occupational health risks.


Finally, the seminar looks into other aspects related to occupational health and safety for all ages, such as the importance of recognising the employees’ needs and competences and thus assigning them the most adequate tasks, as well as the importance of rehabilitation and early return to work following an illness, disease or injury.



  • Dr Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties
  • Dr Deo Debattista MP, Chairperson, Occupational Health and Safety Authority
  • Reuben Fenech, Director General, National Statistics Office
  • Victoria Massalha,  Professional Lead Allied Health Professional
  • Henriette Baldacchino, Senior Executive (inclusive Employment Services), Jobsplus
  • Jacqueline Fenech, HR Professional
  • Charlo Seychell, Adult Educator
Occupational Health and Safety Authority
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