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France - Seminar and press conference on quality of life at work

World Trade CenterMarseilleFrance

This combined seminar and press conference is organised by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional directorate for Companies, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment (DIRECCTE PACA) and the Regional Agency for Improvement of Working Conditions (ACT Méditerranée), in collaboration with the General Directorate for Labour, and highlights the importance of quality of work life as part of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign. The focus is on regional best practice initiatives.

Speakers at both the seminar and press conference define the quality of work life, the “QVT” (Qualité de vie au Travail) and reflect on regional best practices to improve work-life balance. They discuss how to implement QVT initiatives in companies, by creating appropriate working conditions which benefit the individual employee as well as the whole company and improve both social and economic performance of the company.

Speakers promote the French network ANACT-ARACT, an institution supporting the improvement of working conditions. ANACT-ARACT develops proven methods and tools, based on feedback from pilot projects in companies. Speakers emphasise the need for feedback about local actions to share best practices and further improve individualised OSH measures.

In workshops, participants discuss how to ensure a good quality of work life in small enterprises and how social dialogue can be used to cope with OSH challenges. The workshops also explore how to deal with changing phases at work as well as demographic change to ensure good working conditions and healthy workplaces for all ages.   

Finally, the seminar looks at quality of work life from both national and regional perspectives.


  • Bruno Thiébaud, Communication Manager, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)
  • Patrick Maddalone, Deputy Director of Working conditions, Health and Safety at Work, General directorate for Labour, French Ministry of Labour
  • Laurent Neyer, Director, Regional directorate for Companies, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment (DIRECCTE PACA)
  • Richard Abadie, Director, National Agency for Improvement of Working Conditions (Anact)
  • Yves Michel Nalbandian, Director, Regional Agency for Improvement of Working Conditions (ACT Méditerranée)   
  • Jean François Dalvai, Head of Labour department, DIRECCTE PACA
  • Patrick Conjard, Head of the Fund for Improvement of Working Conditions (Anact)
  • Olivier Tierno, Regional Pension and Health at work Fund (CARSAT SE)
  • Joël Poix, Professional Agency for Risk Prevention in Building and Civil Engineering (OPPBTP)
  • Jacques Politano, Regional association of agricultural social security schemes (ARCMSA)
DIRECCTE PACA and ACT Méditerranée
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