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In the context of an ageing workforce, it is increasingly important for workers and employers to collaborate on promoting sustainable work for all. Fair, safe and healthy working conditions from the start to the end of a working life are necessary to ensure healthy ageing and retirement in good health.

The Healthy Workplaces Campaign offers a range of tools and resources relating to healthy ageing in the workplace that you can use to facilitate exchange of good practice and highlight existing success stories

Recommended resources for you

Case studies

We’ve selected case studies that provide clear evidence of the benefits to both workers and employers of managing risks carefully and promoting sustainable work throughout life, as in the following case.


Age management at Saarioinen Ltd

As a manufacturer/distributor, Saarioinen had experienced increases in prolonged sickness absence and early exit from work as a result of musculoskeletal disorders. To tackle this problem and reduce associated costs, an age management programme was introduced.

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Our varied case studies can help you bring about change. You’ll find examples from all kinds of sectors and all sizes of enterprise.


From in-depth state-of-the-art studies to handy leaflets, our publications offer everything you need to inform your practice and keep you up to date. The following is just an example of the invaluable resources available.

Rehabilitation and return to work: an analysis of EU and Member State systems and programmes

This report investigates rehabilitation and return to work systems in place in the 28 EU Member States and EFTA countries. It analyses what factors play role in the development and implementation of rehabilitation/return to work systems.

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Our full range of publications covers all the issues to keep you informed of the latest developments in demographic change and healthy ageing.

Practical tools and guidance

Many simple tools and guidance documents are available to help even the smallest business find practical OSH-management solutions. Here, we’d like to highlight one particular example.

Work Ability Index

The Work Ability Index (WAI) is a validated instrument that assesses the individual work ability of an employee. It is based on practical occupational health care research.

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We’ve collected a range of existing OSH-management tools. Among them, you're sure to find something to help those you work with make the right decisions.


Our e-guide sets out all the issues relating to the campaign topic in clear, practical terms, as well as offering advice on managing risks. It can help you to set out the case for a better approach to managing an ageing workforce

Other relevant resources

Our resources — including a light-hearted short film, clear, eye-catching infographics and a range of campaign materials in 25 languages — will help you to get across the message that healthy ageing is about everyone — worker and employer, young and old.