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‘Not myself today’ initiative helps companies create mentally healthy workplaces for all ages

Developed by Official campaign partner, the European Brain Council, the ‘Not myself today’ initiative is an annual workplace mental health initiative that equips senior leaders, human resources, managers and employees with activities, tools and resources focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of mental health. 


Promoting good mental health in the workplace is vital for safeguarding workers and organisations’ productivity and resilience, and for ensuring sustainable working lives. All workers need to be protected from psychosocial risks and stress to keep them healthy and avoid early dropouts from the labour market.

This initiative provides European companies and organisations with resources and tools to organise events and activities that engage employees of all ages. The aim is to reduce stigma, create cultures of acceptance and support those who are facing mental illness.

Mental disorders and illnesses represent 22% of the EU’s total burden of disability, with over 25% of workers in the 55 to 64 age group reporting exposure to risk factors that can adversely affect mental well-being. Tackling these risk factors, along with the stigma around mental health, is critical to creating mentally healthy and safe working environments and communities for all ages.

Find out more about the initiative by visiting the European Brain Council’s dedicated webpage, or by visiting the Not myself today website where you can read testimonials and register to join the more than 320 companies already signed up.