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EuSalt has come on board to support healthy workplaces as an official campaign partner

EuSalt, the European Salt’s Producers Association, is committed to promoting safe working environments and ensuring the safety and welfare of all workers in the salt industry located across Europe.

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On the occasion of EuSalt’s general assembly in Thessaloniki (Greece) on 26 May 2016, a first edition of the association’s ‘Safety Award’ was organised to promote occupational safety and health among EuSalt’s member companies and to communicate the aspirations of the campaign, as detailed in their press release.  EuSalt intends to continue with their safety awards on an annual basis.

On hand to explain more about the campaign at the assembly was Brenda O’Brien from EU-OSHA. She used the opportunity to underscore the message that: ‘safe and healthy working conditions throughout the whole working life benefit not only workers and business but also society as a whole.

According to Wouter Lox, the association’s Managing Director: ‘EuSalt, as a responsible sector representative, strives to promote the commitment of its members to create a safe working environment to help ensure the safety and welfare of all personnel working within the salt industry.’ They will continue to actively promote the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign throughout its duration and encourage their members to share the best practices.