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HR managers

Europe’s population, and thus its workforce, is changing. HR practice needs to take into account the ageing population if businesses are to reach their full potential. Good workplace organisation and design are good for all staff members — and good for business.

Healthy workplaces ensure that their employees are able to have a long working life by promoting safe and healthy work. No organisation wants to lose experienced, capable staff members unnecessarily. It might be necessary — and also efficient — to adapt work to individuals’ functional capacities. In addition, return to work policies are increasingly important in the context of an ageing workforce.

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For a clear explanation of all the issues and practical tips on dealing with an ageing workforce, consult our clear and comprehensive e-guide. It offers advice on the best approaches to take to make sure that workers stay safe and healthy, and able to contribute fully, in the long term.

Practical tools and guidance

Many other practical tools and guidance documents already exist to help HR professionals deal effectively with the issues surrounding healthy ageing at work. One good example is the following.

Age Scan (Leeftijsscan)

The motto of this online tool is ‘measuring is knowing’. The age scan enables human resources managers to obtain measureable insights into the current and future challenges faced in their organisation in relation to age management (i.e. current age demographics and how they are likely to evolve.

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We have collected many more tools and guidance documents that can help you make the right decisions on issues ranging from workplace health promotion to return-to-work policy and diversity-sensitive risk assessment.

Case studies

We’ve collected case studies from a range of business that have introduced initiatives to tackle issues relating to healthy ageing at work. They’ve seen real benefits from adapting work and updating policies, as you can see from the following example.

GE Money Bank ‘Health Ahead’ programme

The ‘HealthAhead’ programme, initiated in 2010, evaluates how healthy a workplace is. A branch’s score determines if it is awarded HealthAhead certification. Targeting workers of all ages, the programme also involves workshops, talks and health screenings, as well as specific return-to-work measures.

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Our case studies feature large and small business in a variety of sectors. They show that good leadership and worker participation are key to the success of such efforts.

Other relevant resources

If you want to get involved in the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign and spread the word to your employees we have resources at your disposal. They include a light-hearted short film, a toolkit to help you run a successful campaign and a selection of ready-made campaign materials to get the messages across.