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Inspection du Travail et des Mines

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Inspection du Travail et des Mines
Mission Statement: 
FP-Luxembourg hosted at the Labour inspection, acts as an independent
national interface between the key stakeholders of the Luxembourg world of
work and the Agency. The mission is to contribute to the development of a
prevention culture in the field of occupational safety and health as well as
industrial relations.

The Labour Inspectorate’s attributions are:

The Labour Inspectorate – an impartial and independent public authority is
much more than a supervisory body and has for missions in particular:

Assistance for companies in working conditions, including the health, the
safety and the hygiene of the worker as well as the working law

Inspection and contribution to the sustainable development of the well-being
of the workers, that is on one hand, the relation and the working conditions
and on the other hand, the health and the safety of the workers at work

Development of anticipative measures to mitigate, or at least decrease, all
risks for the safety, the physical, psychic and social health of the workers
as well as any degradation of the workers conditions

Supply information and technical advice to the employers and to the
employees on the most effective means to observe the legal, statutory,
administrative and conventional requirements

Prevent and level all the industrial disputes which are not the competence
of The national Office of Conciliation
Inspection du Travail et des Mines
3, rue des Primeurs
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General phone: 
+35 2247 76100

Past events

Luxembourg - Journalists visit Banque de Luxembourg to present health and well-being actions implemented for workers of all ages
Luxembourg – Awareness raising conference and round table on healthy workplaces for all ages
Luxembourg - Press conference on Healthy Workplaces for All Ages and age management
Luxembourg - Journalists visit to Luxembourg National Railway Company to observe best practices for promoting sustainable working life