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EUsalt, European Salt Producers' Association

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Wouter LOX
Managing Director
Safety by Choice

To have EuSalt members commit to the vision on Safety. EuSalt, as a responsible sector representative, strives to promote the commitment of its members to create a safe working environment to help ensure the safety and welfare of all personal working within the salt industry. EuSalt members will therefore contribute in bringing this vision to reality by establishing and actively contributing to a platform, where common areas of interest and best practices can be shared, leading to limitation and prevention of hazards and risk at any stage of the production.

Our vision is to promote understanding of the importance of safety and establish commitment and common goals among the Members of Eusalt.
Mission Statement: 
EUsalt is the association of European and worldwide crystalized salt producers.
Our mission is to be a platform of expertise and shared best practices; to provide clear and reliable information about salt and its applications and to act as the sole salt industry representative towards European and international institutions as well as stakeholders
Our campaign pledge: 
EuSalt, as a sector association will actively promote the campaign, will help members to share the best practices in this resepct and will continue to seek engagement of its members in implementing the campaign principles.
EUsalt, European Salt Producers' Association
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Wouter LOX