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European Work Hazards Network

OSH professionals
Professional, scientific and technical activities
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Graziano FRIGERI
European Secretary
We take part in the Campaign because we wish to contribute to better workplaces for all workers. For older too, but without forgetting young ones: a safe workplace for young workers now, means a safe workplaces for them tomorrow. Workplaces and work organization must reflect and take in account workers' life change: fit the job to the worker, not the worker to the job!
Mission Statement: 
We are scientists skilled in improving of health and safety standards.
We are Occupational Health specialists.
We are policy makers working in the labour inspectorates, employed by private companies, working with Trade Unions responsible for the improvement of working environment.
We are Trade Union activists, Workers Councils Representatives interested in the improvement of working conditions and standards regarding Health and Safety and well-being of workers.
We are interested in technical and human relations issues concerning the improvement of working environment and working conditions.
We are in first place citizens who are aware that we have to make the improvements we want, we need, we have to make them ourselves, together with other workers, researchers, scientists and policy makers.
Our campaign pledge: 
We'll participate in Campaign Events organized also by other partners, and we'll invite other partners to give concrete contribute in our events. We'll mention the Campaign in all our relevant inititives and put campaign's advertising and information in our website and documents.
European Work Hazards Network
Piazza della Pace 5
Sala Baganza
General phone: 
Main Contact: 
Graziano FRIGERI
Health and safety representative: 
Euronorma del Dott. Graziano Frigeri & C EURONORMA DEL DOTT. GRAZIANO FRIGERI & C

Past events

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